IT Pro 20/20: Building a recession-proof startup

A smashed piggy bank on a grey background with the words 'Building a recession-proof startup' displayed above

Welcome to issue 30 of IT Pro 20/20, distilling the most important themes of the previous month into a simple, easy-to-read package.

The UK economy is facing a cliff edge. With a potential recession on the horizon, and a cost of living crisis in full swing, it’s a time of uncertainty for smaller businesses, particularly those looking for new rounds of funding.

But is it possible to not only survive a recession, but thrive during one? This month’s issue is all about cost-cutting and sensible spending, at a time when it’s most important.

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The cover of issue 30 of IT Pro showing a smashed piggy bank

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Dale Walker

Dale Walker is the Managing Editor of ITPro, and its sibling sites CloudPro and ChannelPro. Dale has a keen interest in IT regulations, data protection, and cyber security. He spent a number of years reporting for ITPro from numerous domestic and international events, including IBM, Red Hat, Google, and has been a regular reporter for Microsoft's various yearly showcases, including Ignite.